Below are different IT and CIO services and their estimated duration.

IT Mentoring or Coaching

One hour every other week

This service focuses on growing IT personnel beyond their current limitations. Sessions focus on broadening the individual’s perspective, understanding business requirements, communication skills, and team building. The journey of personal growth is achieved through practical work building an IT Strategy, assembling an application road map, budgeting, and evaluating projects against each other and training on effective management techniques.

IT Instant Reaction Service

Estimated 45 minutes

Instant feedback, actionable direction, and solutions are provided for a single technology issue.

IT Cost Savings Initiative

Estimated 32-40 hours

An in-depth investigation of current costs related to IT, or functions that IT can optimize, resulting in specific, actionable, findings that will produce immediate and long term savings. Except travel expenses, client only pays for consulting time if I can find first year savings in excess of my consulting rate. Guaranteed. All reward, no risk.

IT Assessment

Estimated 80-120 hours

A detailed report and project map ­– outlining strategy, infrastructure, service delivery, applications, security, business continuity, and staffing – for compliance requirements and best practices is presented in analysis of current company practices.

IT Strategy Formulation

Estimated 80-120 hours

An IT project road map and foundation framework for measurable performance outcomes is delivered through strategy and training with IT staff and leadership. 

Time-Slice CIO

Time provided as needed

Maintenance of IT in an optimal state through up front leadership engagement and reduced involvement ensures companies reach goals and stay on track – on a budget. 

Interim CIO

Estimated full-time for 90 days to 1 year

Stabilized IT function through significant change – leadership turnover or department reorganization – is achieved through long-term leadership engagement.